Weapon and Equipment Museum of Kajaani is completely privately financed

exhibition of weapons, uniforms and other material ever since the
Finnish Defence Forces was established.


The purpose of Weapon and Equipment Museum is to offer everyone
interesting experiences to the world of weapons and equipment. Main
emphasis is on World War 2 equipment.


Collection consists over 2000 objects and even 3000 pieces of literature
concerning the topic.


It has not been possible to lay all out at one time, so there is
something new for each summer and Theme Exhibitions are to come.


Weapon and Equipment Museum is ready to receive material as exhibit
concerning the topic.


If you have material that you are ready to give away, please contact us.

Exhibition is a tribute to the veterans of our wars.

The Kajaani Weapons and Equipment Museum will finally close its doors on August 2, 2020. Almost all items are for sale, bids can be submitted during the summer.